Rev. Ray has managed the development group at the San Diego Rescue Mission and is currently President and CEO of Joy of Giving Foundation.
He has led missions in Mississippi, Kenya, Mexico, South Africa, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti.  He has served the San Diego Presbytery on Administrative Commissions, Mission Committee, Evangelism Committee and Long Range Planning Committee.

He is currently serving on the Budget, Property, and Finance Committee and is Chair of the Sudanese American Presbyterian Fellowship Steering committee.
He has been awarded a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Divinity.

Not available on Saturday mornings. That’s time for tennis.

We believe the Creator is the sovereign, all knowing, ever present, and Almighty God, who is with us from the beginning into the future, and for all time. God created humans, male and female, every race and ethnicity, to stand equal in His sight. Our Lord’s love and justice are shown in His will to reign over all creation.

We believe in Jesus Christ, the true Son of God, one person of two natures, both fully God and fully human, who bore the sins of the world. Christ is the source for salvation, the essence of profound love and the ideal inspiration for how we should respond to one another.

We believe the Holy Spirit, the Advocate, is given to all believers since the ascension of Jesus Christ. Through the Holy Spirit, God leads us in our daily lives through teachings in Scripture and in life’s experiences.

We believe we are to shelter, nurture, and promote the fellowship of the children of God and exhibit the Kingdom of Heaven through actions in the world. We believe that the Holy Spirit calls and equips all women and men to the mission of the Church. Thus, acting within the Word and commissioning of the Scriptures,  we are sent into the world to promote social righteousness between all humans, hear the voices of peoples long silenced, and work with others for justice, freedom, peace and the betterment of God's people.

Joy of Giving Foundation
 Celebrate the Joy of Giving to Others